Group matching veterans with retired K-9s

ANNISTON, Ala. — A Piedmont veteran is continuing his mission to start a nonprofit and pair dogs that served overseas with men and women who served overseas.

Brian Friddle, of Stokesdale, is in the process of forming an organization called American Paws of Brotherhood.

His vision was to help bring home retired K-9s that served in Afghanistan and Iraq with contract groups or the military. He wants to pair them with veterans struggling with PTSD so they can help heal each other.

Friddle found a group in Alabama called AMK9 Academy that is helping do just that already. The company trains dogs for law enforcement, contract groups or military work.

When the dogs retire, they bring them back to Alabama to be adopted by anyone.

“They’ve served their country, and they’re retired now either because of age, medical or workability issues so we’re trying to give them a good life after being deployed overseas,” explained Elaine Carter, director of K-9 welfare with AMK9 Academy.

So Friddle reached out the group for a partnership. He hopes to help pair the adoptable dogs with veterans.

“A veteran knows how to heal a veteran. These dogs are the same way,” Friddle said. “We are trying to get funding in place right now to build a facility in which we can house dogs, even if it’s a small facility.”

Friddle said they have filed their 501(c)(3) nonprofit paperwork. They invite anyone to visit the American Paws of Brotherhood Facebook page for more information.

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