• Founded: 2015
  • Industry: Telecom & Healthcare
  • Website: talon.io

Founded in 2015, Talon is a data solutions provider, offering SaaS and Artificial Intelligence, as well as field capture services. Talon is used by teams to collaborate and complete their scope of work in a range of global industries and use cases, such as telecommunications, electric vehicle, and remote healthcare.

SaaS: Talonview® offers live video streaming, two-way communication, HD video recording, geotagged high-resolution photos, 3D and 360° models, measurement tools, multiple session participants, and remote device control on any iOS and Android device from anywhere in the world. Talonview®’s AI technology is designed to automate workflow by identifying objects and detecting deficiencies.

Field Capture Services: In addition to SaaS, Talon also provides extensive knowledge and expertise to vertical data collection with tens of thousands of projects in industries such as power, wireless, and facilities maintenance.

More Info
  • Customized Scope of Work
  • Two-Way Communication & Collaboration
  • Live Video Streaming & HD Video Recording
  • Geotagging High-Resolution Photos
  • 3D & 360° Models
  • Measurement Tools
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Field Capture Services
Contact Info

Talon Aerolytics, Inc.
1791 O G Skinner Drive, Suite C
West Point GA 31833

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